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Cherry Blossom Painting

After being caught up in an online class, I decided to paint this lovely cherry blossom branch. It is painted with sumi ink and watercolors on 11 x 14 inches Strathmore cold press watercolor paper. I signed my name in traditional Chinese writing and stamped it. I hope you like it. The original is sold. Prints are available:

Make a Wish at the Miami Art Museum and Exhibition at the Biltmore Hotel

    Yesterday was a full day all about art. The day started with the Miami Art Museum. When I entered the museum, the first thing that caught my eye was an installation of buckets. My first thought was, "Is there a roof leak?” There were buckets hanging from the ceiling and buckets on the floor. The hanging buckets were full of water that dripped into the buckets on the floor. The name of the installation is "Rain Rains" (2002), it is the work of the Brazilian artist Rivane Neuenschwander. In my opinion this piece represents the inability of man to have control over nature and that is why he created an artificial rain environment. The museum is filled with immersive art installations.   I Wish Your Wish (2003) is a part of that collection and it is by the same artist mentioned above. The art display is created with over one thousand hanging ribbons. The ribbons are printed with wishes from past visitors. In order to participate, visitors must write their own wi

Artist for the Month of July, Abril Andrade Griffith

Abril Andrade Griffith Abril Andrade Griffith is a Mexican Artist who brings you into her fantasy world with her whimsical landscapes, skeleton day of the dead and surreal creatures with huge eyes. She is an internationally well known artist. Her work can be seen in tattoo shops, galleries, and private collections around the world. She was also published in major magazines. Her inspiration comes from daily experiences, story books, and working with different artists and techniques. She is also inspired by her husband Matt Griffith who is also an artist. I find her work very interesting because it is very unique and playful. She allows you to dream and think of a place beyond our word where creatures with enormous eyes exist.  Abril's care and skill for each piece that she creates makes her artist for the month of July. If you would like more information about this month’s artist, she can be reached at, "Together As One" "Sweet Dreams&quo

Exhibition @ Renditions, An Art Space

Hey its me with a huge smile right before I went to the art gallery.                                     That smile was stuck on my face for the rest of the night.       I left with Mat at around 5:45PM, so we got there at the perfect time. There was plenty of parking! Usually it takes a year to park. I walked into Renditions and saw all the art work and I was amazed. There was so many artists with all kinds of styles. My work was also hung up perfectly on the wall. My special painting that is dedicated to my boyfriends grandfather Angel Menendez was placed on my easel for better viewing. Watching everyone's reactions to the paintings was loads of fun, especially my painting Drowning in the Storm. A lot of people stopped and stared with amazement and had many things to say about that painting.  While looking at others work, I saw a few paintings that looked familiar. Its a small work after all, its a small world after all!!! Its a small, small, world!! It turns out t

2nd Exhibition at Renditions, An Art Spaces

I am very excited about my exhibition today at Renditions, An Art Space. I am going to feature my work, Drowning in the Storm, Escalating Fear, and my two new paintings, One with Nature, and a special painting that is dedicated to my boyfriends grandfather Angel Menendez. All these painting will be up for sale except for the dedication painting. I hope to see you there. Please view this link for directions and more information on this event Thank you for viewing. Have an artistic day!:O)