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"Center Stage" Original Oil Painting Final Update

Below is the entire process of "Center Stage". It took me about a year to finally complete this painting. This is a current painting that I am working on  called "Center Stage". It is inspired by Salvador Dali.  Someone told me that my work has surrealistic tendencies, so i decided to work with it.  This is the first progress pic of Center Stage. I painted over another painting called Lady in the Water that I was not found of. Either way I enjoy starting fresh because it gives me the opportunity to make an even better painting. It is also a great learning experience, so time is never wasted. I said my goodbyes to the painting and so I started with the dark blue sky and then slowly worked my way down. I then proceeded to paint the blue mountains. I am fascinated with cobalt blue for some reason. I use it in most of my paintings. This is when I painted the curtains and noticed the right curtain looked like a face. I worked with it and made

"A Place of Solitude" Original Oil Painting

"A Place of Solitude" Oil painting, 16'' x 20'', by Andrea Realpe This painting was inspired by a piece called Blossom Tree Maleri. It is a piece that caught my eye at first glance because it is pure nature. This painting can take you into a dream world where your senses are one with the earth. I created a dreamy, hazy environment where the main focus is the red tree. This is a place where anyone can go to for a place of solitude. You may sit down on the grass and relax by the water. You may also want to feel the water with your bare feet while taking in the view of the scenery.  Some may say that the red tree is lonely, but it is not. The tree is surrounded by grass, mountains, streams, rocks, clouds, and everything else that mother nature has to offer. If you would like to own this original oil painting, click on the Art For Sale tab on this site.:)

Business Cards

I ordered a fifty pack of business cards from the other day. I wanted to write about them because the quality is amazing. This site allows you to customize the business cards to your preference. I included my logo and also my paintings. Each business card has a different painting on it. The coloring and the matte finish is very professional. I thought I would share this with you just in case you are looking to purchase business cards. I highly recommend this site .

Paradise Hummingbird

   Hello my lovely's this is the painting of the day. It is a gorgeous hummingbird with hibiscus flowers.  I am inspired by these flying little creatures. They ignite my imagination and creativity. I hope this painting will do the same for you.   This painting is available for sale at the link below Thank you for viewing:)