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My First Business Sign

 On my long trip to visit my family in New York, I was given a business deal to paint a sign for a Mexican Restaurant. Since it was my first time I did not know what to expect, but I was willing to take on another challenge. I was ready to learn and make some bucks!  Below are all the questions that I had for the owner and his answers. 1. What do you want me to paint? This is a clay carving of the sun and the moon that is hung inside the restaurant. The owner wanted this painted with a black background. The main purpose for this sign is to grab the attention from customers driving by. 2. Where do you want me to paint the sign? Answer: Right below the restaurant sign on two hardwood boards, covering the white panel. 2. What size do you want the board?  Answer: two 8ft x 3 1/2 feet (I thought to myself COWs THATS HUGE!) I had to paint two different boards, one board for traffic going north and the other going south. Okay bring it on.

The Reproduction Painting of Campesino Cargando un Guajolote by Diego Rivera

~Original Painting~   I was given the challenge to recreate a painting by Diego Rivera (Just in case you dont know who he is; Diego Rivera was a Mexican painter and Frida Kahlo's husband). It was a challenge because it was my first time reproducing someone elses work. The thought of mixing the paint to get the right shade of colors from the original seemed difficult. I only had the primary colors and basic acrylic paints to work with. As the painting progressed, i found that reproducing someone's art was no longer challenging, it was very enjoyable. Once I started mixing the colors together It came natural to me and I managed to get the colors that I wanted. Here are the progressive stages that I followed.   I started with a light pencil sketch on the canvas. After that I  added a light blue layer of paint on the entire surface. When the first layer of paint dried, I painted from the top of the canvas  beginning with the sky, followed by the mountain, gras