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Endless Dreams Painting

This is my latest acrylic painting that I completed a few weeks back. I am extremely satisfied with the results. In this painting you will notice a girl holding up her puffy colorful dress. She is walking through a dreamy forest of endless possibilities of where the path may lead her. She also looks as if she is blooming out of a a flower. This represent growth and renewal. Everyone grows as a person with every experience whether negative or positive. This is me finishing up minor details. Endless Dreams Acrylic Painting 22 x 28 inches


I worked on this new piece last night. I was experimenting with texture, color, and style. After working on it for a bit, I realized how far I have come as an artist and how much I have yet to learn. I remember when I was a little girl I would try to replicate my mom's rose drawings and now here I am years later with the same passion to evolve. I started painting about five years ago and I am enjoying every part of it. This painting is called Evolve. The budding rose in this painting represents myself as an artist and the wings coming out of the stem represents my aspiration to grow as an artist.