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Name the Painting Contest(Win a Painting)CONTEST IS CLOSED

CONGRATS TO DESERTEAGLE!!  The answer was Campesino Cargando un Guajolote! Here is how it works I posted a small distorted part of a painting on my facebook page. Comment the title of that painting that you think it belongs to under the picture post. CLICK HERE FOR THE PICTURE If you dont have fb here is the pic and you can post your answer at the bottom:O)

Dedication to Angel Menendez

  I want to dedicate this painting and video to Angel Menendez for touching our lives with his smile, that can light up the world. I also want to dedicate this to His Daughter for loving him and staying right by his side.

One With Nature

This painting is very meaningful to me in many ways. Sometimes we forget about how beautiful nature is because of many distractions that we have in our lives today. I painted the tree and the nest with real wood. The young girls hair also has some wood pieces. The girl is rediscovering nature and she becomes one with nature. Her hair is becoming the mountains, grass, lavender, tree, the sky, and her hands are becoming the birds nest. She is sitting on the earth and melting into it. The bird is resting on her knee to show the trust that she has in the girl by allowing her to hold her nest. She has never felt so close to nature before. She is finally One With Nature.   Light Sketch:O) I started the painting from the top .   One With Nature (2011) (16 x 20 inches: Oil On Stretched Canvas) Purchase One With Nature CLICK HERE Watch the Video for this painting   The painting will be in an exhibit at Renditions in Tallahassee from July 1 until July 17.and will be mailed out aft

My Version of Starry Night Over the Rhone by Vincent Van Gogh

"It often seems to me that the night is much more alive and richly colored than the day." ~ Vincent Van Gogh   The quote above was a quote written by Van Gogh to his brother Theo, explaining his enthrallment with the night. My fascination with the night sky and the stars is as rich as Vincent Van Gogh's love for the night.   One night many years ago, I went to get something from the porch and I saw something in the sky. At first I thought it was a plane with its flickering lights, but it did not move through the sky. Maybe it was an alien ship with many colors? No, it couldn't be. As I stared at the sky for over an hour and imagined all the things that it could be, I finally accepted that it was a star. I did not know that a star could twinkle with every color of the rainbow.  It was then that I realized the beauty of the night sky and the stars.     On a different occasion about a year ago I drove down to Miami with Mat and our dog Sofi. I stared out of