About the Artist:
I am an Ecuadorian painter, and a pencil portrait artist. I came from an artistic family that helped inspire my creativity. I discovered the ability to draw when I was a young girl. I use to replicate the Disney characters, especially The Little Mermaid. I also discovered my passion for art when my mother and my uncle took turns drawing a rose. My amazement with their abilities made me want to create my own rose drawings. Throughout my school years I was always complimented by my teachers and peers, and that also motivated me to pursue the path of an artist. I began a site called AR Pencil Portraits where I commissioned pencil drawings. My drawings were created for many people around the globe and still are today. 
I currently reside in Chicago, IL with my high school sweetheart and my cuddly dog Sofi. I feel extremely blessed to have a partner that not only supports my art, but also guides me into being the best that I can be. I hope to inspire other artists with my art and continue creating more pieces that will express my beliefs, feelings, and thoughts. An artist never stops learning; there is always more to learn.

Statement of Purpose:
I do not have a specific name for my painting style, but I do know that it is uniquely my own. However, when coming across my art, one would say it is representational art, but upon closer observation it has surrealistic and symbolic qualities. Therefore, it leaves a lot of room for interpretation.  I want the spectator to examine my art and conclude their vision through their own eyes. It is extremely fascinating to me that everyone sees what they want to see depending on their past experiences and knowledge.
Even though everyone has their own vision, my vision includes overcoming battles and inner strength. My artwork is almost always autobiographical. It is deeply personal and filled with symbolic elements to convey my thoughts and feelings.  I interpret my ideas with nature and the female figure.  I usually place the figure facing away in the painting. This allows the viewer to place themselves in the painting as well. The figures are implemented with great care and detail and are usually placed in a dreamy landscape. Most of my paintings capture the natural elements and a figure morphing into one another.  This reflects the harmony between human and nature. Viewed as part of one another, the figure and nature create one whole dream. The dreamy effect is enhanced with psychologically calming colors, various shades of blue, with green and turquoise. These colors produce tranquility and peace. I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to convey my thoughts onto others through my work.

“Paintings that speak to people and have strong emotional and evocative qualities raise them to the level of greatness.” – Edward Jonas, the Vice Chair of the Portrait Society of America.

B.S., Psychology, Studio Art: Drawing and Painting, Loyola University Chicago

2017~Spaces, Newbury Street~Boston, MA
2016~Pancakes and Booze Art Show~Chicago, IL
2015~Student Exhibition~Ralph Arnold Fine Arts Annex~Chicago, IL
2014~Student Exhibition~Mundelein Center, Loyola Univsersity, Chicago, IL
2014~Urban Brain and Body~Chicago, IL
2012~November~Spectrum~Chicago Art Department~Chicago, IL
2011~August~Left Overs 2011~Renditions~Tallahassee, Fl
2011~July~Le Juillet Salon 2011~Renditions~Tallahassee, Fl
2010~April~Annual student art exhibit~The Fine Art Gallery~Tallahassee, Fl
2010~March~Art On Another Level~Tallahassee, Fl
2010~February~Railroad Square, charity event for the Haiti Relief and the American Red Cross. ~Fl 
2009~October~621 Gallery~Tallahassee, Fl
2009~October~Renditions~Tallahassee, Fl


2015 ~ Parent Resource Book for CBITS (Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools), IL
2016 ~ People.com, Get the Look: Lauren Conrad's Chic Home Office
2014~Women of Color Journal, Chicago IL
2011~March~Published in The Eyrie Magazine, Tallahassee, Fl
2010~November~Featured in the 6th issue, Red Door Magazine, NY 
1996~August~The News Times, NY

2016 ~ Chicago Legal Clinic's 35th Anniversary Awards Banquet
2014, 2015, 2016 ~ Project Ecuador Fundraiser Gala
2011 ~ Cancer Fundraiser