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Lost Traditions: Peruvian ruins and Cotopaxi Mountain in Ecuador

It all started with three simple rules: 1. Choose something from a famous painting; it can be the composition, the color palette, the style, or the abstract meaning behind the painting.... 2. Choose an object from your home 3. Choose a photograph      My painting called "Lost Traditions" was inspired by "Christina's World" painted by Andrew Wyeth. I found this painting to be extremely fascinating, not only by Andrew's refined technical skill, but also by the meaning behind his work. Andrew was inspired to create "Christina's World" after viewing his neighbor dragging herself towards her home. Christina, Andrew's neighbor suffered from polio and as a result she was paralyzed from the waste down. The distortion in Christina's torso and the composition immediately grabbed my attention. This inspired me to use a similar composition. Instead of Christina's home I placed the Cotopaxi stratovolcano from Ecuador in the top right c