Make a Wish at the Miami Art Museum and Exhibition at the Biltmore Hotel

    Yesterday was a full day all about art. The day started with the Miami Art Museum.
When I entered the museum, the first thing that caught my eye was an installation of buckets. My first thought was, "Is there a roof leak?” There were buckets hanging from the ceiling and buckets on the floor. The hanging buckets were full of water that dripped into the buckets on the floor. The name of the installation is "Rain Rains"(2002), it is the work of the Brazilian artist Rivane Neuenschwander. In my opinion this piece represents the inability of man to have control over nature and that is why he created an artificial rain environment.

The museum is filled with immersive art installations. 
I Wish Your Wish (2003) is a part of that collection and it is by the same artist mentioned above. The art display is created with over one thousand hanging ribbons. The ribbons are printed with wishes from past visitors. In order to participate, visitors must write their own wish on a small paper and replace it with the wishes of past visitors. Then they must tie it around their wrist and when it falls off that's when their wish will come true. It was inspired by a tradition of a church in Brazil. The tradition is that the faithful bind ribbons to their wrists and to the gates of the church and their wishes come true when the ribbons wear away and fall off.
 I had a blast participating in that display. I saw two ribbons that I liked. One said I wish to be recognized as a great artist and the other said I wish for health, wealth, and happiness for me and my family. That was a hard choice! I ended up replacing my wish with the first one. I tied it around my left ankle.

Do you want to make your own wish online? Make a wish here:O)

 First Love (2010) is another one of Rivane Neuenschwander immersive installations. It involves a police sketch artist that works with visitors to produce portraits of the visitor’s first love. The sketches are then added to the gallery wall.

The Brazilian artist also included, A Thousand and One Possible Nights (2008) into the museum’s collection. She punches holes in pages of the Arabian Nights and creates a calendar of constellation-like collages.

The second level of the museum consists of collections from international artists of the 20th and 21st century. You will find the art work of Cuban artist José Bedia. In his work, Abre Nkuto Muchacho Nuevo (1989/2007) two heads are hand painted next to one another in a corner. One head is larger than the other and is the elder.  The smaller head is of the less knowledgeable. They are connected with a metallic bridge that runs from the mouth of the larger head to the ear of the smaller head. The elder teaches the less knowledgeable how to unlock the powers inside the Nkuto. The Nkuto is a power object that is placed in the center of the bridge. The Nkutos are small Ngangas which are consecrated ritual cauldron made of iron or clay which houses the spirits of the dead as well as more powerful spirits. Abre Nkuto Muchacho Nuevo highlights the passing on of knowledge from one generation to another.

 My experience at the MAM was pleasant. I got to see so many talented artists from my era. I enjoy going to museums because I always leave with so many creative ideas.

 "Main Highway"-72"x48" Original acrylic on canvas painting by Federico Carosio III

  Later that day I went to a champagne pommery art exhibition at the Bilmore Hotel. The art exhibition featured the Colombian artist Federico Carosio III. His bright photo-realistic paintings of south Miami filled the country club ballroom. It was an amazing experience for me to share with everyone there. We shared champagne with the beauty of art.
 While I was there intrigued by the art, I was lucky enough to get my picture taken by a photographer. I told him that, as an artist I was there to support Federico's work. He asked me for my name and if I had a website. That means I will be in the Bilmore Hotel's Magazine and more exposure for my art. I am super happy! I want the world to see my art! That made my night complete, especially after a full day with art. Could it be the ribbon working its magic?