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I went to California this summer.  It was my first time flying there and I managed to capture incredible photographs from the airplane. The mountains are amazing and I had to share it with all of you.     mountains photos

Rose Drawing Contest Winners

~Great Job Everyone~ Here is the link to the contest   Cameo Rose First Place Winner ~ Carol Wisniewski Carol this is an amazing watercolor painting. Congratulations! Red Wine Second Place Winner ~  Sangeeta Chopra Your work is amazing, Keep it up. The White Rose Third Place Winner ~ Arti Chauhan Great job Arti! Very photo realistic, All other participants thank you for submitting your amazing work.

The Year of the Tiger

  Title: The Year of the Tiger Medium: Painting - Acrylic on Stretched Canvas Dimensions: 24 x 16 in. Place your bid for the tiger at ebay.  Click here to place your bid

TIger Cub Painting Coming Soon..