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Steps to "Hungry Panda"

Amazing photograph by Ucumari. I chose this photo because not only do i love pandas but i also love the detail of this picture. I later found out that this photo was photoshopped. I had no This is the original, Detail and contrast make a great pencil portrait. I made a collage out of the photoshopped photograph and added the koi fish and bamboo. I used graphite pencils on 11x14 bristol board (utrecht). Ebony pencil is amazing! i also used a mechanical pencil for the details. This is the grid for the final drawing. I used an HB pencil for the grid lines. I had to redo this part because i made them to dark the first time and i couldnt erase the grid lol. I learned my lesson for the next drawing, draw the grid lightly and dont press hard with the pencil. After i drew the grid, I started with the top left corner and lightly sketched the drawing. Then the fun begins with all the shading

First Blog Entry ( RoSe DrAwInG )

This is my first blog entry, I am very excited to start this blog about myself and my art work. Welcome to my blog and enjoy. :O) How to Draw Realistic Pencil Drawings ~Step 1: Pick out a clear detailed photograph. Chose wisely, no blurry images. Your final drawing results will be very gratifying depending on the quality of the original photograph. ~Step 2: Draw an outline with 2H pencil. Draw it lightly so that if you make a mistake you can erase easily. ~Step 3: This is the fun part. Now you really have to look at the photograph. For example, with a rose pedal, notice every vain on the rose. Notice every flaw of the rose, the more you notice the more realistic your drawing will be. Start with the left corner of the page, so you do not smudge the graphite. You can also put a plain white paper on the section you are not using. When I do pencil portraits, I start with the pupal of the eye and work my way out. ~Work very slow; do not speed.