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Protector of Life

"Protector of Life" This painting was inspired by the fruitful tree that was taken down a few days ago for the purpose of pipeline transit. "We do share common ancestry with all trees I believe. It is a colony of cells that allows us to be emotional and who's to say its not inherent in every living cell"~anonymous It frightens and saddens me that most people are willing to destroy the real world, the living physical world, in order to achieve some goal in the realm of the shared hallucination. Ultimately, what will come to pass will come to pass, and I am but one body, one consciousness roaming this planet. What I am loyal to is the water, the air, and the soil — the fish and the birds and those people around me who I love. ~John Duffy Read his full essay 2011/04/ missing-the-forest-and-the- trees/