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On the Easel

These are the two paintings that I am currently working on.   This one is a reproduction of Orphan at the Cemetery by French artist Eugene Delacroix. I chose to reproduce this painting because it is an amazing painting full of expression with a high level of technical skill. I also want to develop similar technical skills so that I can apply these skills to my own paintings.  In this painting I used the same technique that the old masters used by first using opaque grays on the skin. This is work in progress. I still have to add the second layer on the skin and other details.  This is the other painting that I am currently working on. The painting is about someone that is a dreamer. The dreamer is in another state of being, lost in another world where anything can happen. The dreamer in the painting is in a comfortable position pushing her self up. This points out contentedness and control of the state of mind that she is in. Her dress is morphing into the ocean th
   The best way to paint is by following your creative impulses. This is exactly what I did with this painting. Free mind, free spirit, "Free Bird".