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Pancakes and Booze Art Show Chicago 2016 Review

That's me!   The art show event was a success! Over 80 emerging artists displayed their artwork at Reggie's Rock Club. The event also included live audio performances, live body painting and a free pancake bar! The pancakes were absolutely delicious. The blueberry pancakes and the chocolate chip pancakes were my favorite! The art also blew me away. I have to say, there are a lot of talented artists in Chicago. Check out some of the paintings that caught me eye below: Painting by Ray Espiritu and the Butterfish Group Ray did a wonderful job painting this piece. The sunflower captured my eyes instantly. I especially like how Ray combined a gloomy like atmosphere and then brought in powerful elements of surprise; the sunflower and large cat. The gorgeous yellow flower ads positivity to the misty landscape. It is very aesthetically pleasing. The Letter A, Oil Pastel, Kathryn Aleksov This is one of my favorite paintings from the show. I connected to this paint

The Pancake and Booze Art Show - Chicago - June 17 & 18 / Veiled Baby's Breath

    Let the count down begin! Three more days until the show. I will be revealing my new oil painting,Veiled Baby's Breath. I completed this piece today. Come check it out: See you there! It case you see me stuffing my face with pancakes, please don't judge me. :P lol

Veiled Bliss

Veiled Bliss, Oil Painting, 18 x 24 inches The surreal figure is surrounded by a dreamy landscape. In the distance, blue velvet mountains and trees are present. Condensed specks of baby’s breath flowers are also in the far distance. The baby's breath flower field slowly heads up the tree figure which then morphs into a white transparent veil. The figures body is also going through metamorphosis right before your eyes. The transition is at her waist and going up her torso. She is slowly morphing into a birch tree. Although it is clear that her arms are up in the air, the transformation has been completed; she is a tree. Nonetheless, there remains a connection between the figure and the tree. The titanium white strokes on the tree and the white dress connect their forms into one. The paintings composition highlights the tree figure. I placed the figure further towards the right rather than in the center.   I usually try to follow the golden ration and the rule of thir

The Pancake and Booze Art Show - Chicago - June 17 & 18

Dear Friends! I am happy to announce that my art was accepted at the June 17 & 18 Pancakes & Booze Art Show in Chicago. If you are in the area, please join me and other talented artists! Plus you get to eat all the pancakes your heart desires. I am beyond excited! Lets eat pancakes and enjoy music and art! It doesn't get any better than this! I will be showing my latest painting, Veiled Bliss , come check it out! :)