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Mist oil painting by Andrea Realpe                      Inspiration comes when you least expect it. During my walk back home, one of my friends flew past me with her long wavy hair. As she ran past me, all that I could notice was her hair flying in the wind. The way that the sun hit her hair was mesmerizing. It created a golden sparkle on every strand. That beautiful unexpected moment led me to paint Mist .              Other inspirations came from my nature and literature course. During the course we read passages from several writers that used nature as inspiration for their work. Ralph Waldo Emerison was among them. Passages from his journal clearly describe his passion for nature. He discusses in full detail the special unique moments in which he observes nature’s beauty. Not only does he mention the beautiful occurrences in the woods, but he also mentions his unique connection to it. In the woods he finds tranquility like no other. The nature writers of the past spo