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The progress for my new painting "Broken"

Sketch for my new painting "Broken" I started  by underpainting the 18 x 36 inch gallery stretched canvas with burnt sienna. This eliminates the harsh, intimidating white canvas and allows you to paint freely without worrying about ‘filling in’ the white. Then I blocked in the shapes of the figure with the same color. I then painted the  background first and then I focused on adding the figure.   This is when I started to add the highlights and the details. I later changed the position of the hand. I felt that It blended in better with the painting and the message that I wanted to convey. I also added a red string bracelet with a small wing charm. In this painting I want to show that the figure is very distressed and feels broken. I convey this with the broken wing charm, the red slash against the abstract wall, the figures pale skin, and the position of the figure. Although her gaze is focused on the light she is surrounded by d