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My Visit to MoMa in NYC

     Looking at a famous piece of art in person is such a different experience than looking at it through a picture. This realization came to life at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa). Below are pictures my brother took of my sister and I at the MoMa. Enjoy!! Please excuse the quality of the pictures they were taken with an ipod. Always remember to check that the SIM card is in your camera before you go anywhere.:P     Wrong entrance:P Andrew Wyeth Christina's World Jackson Pollock One: Number 31 Jackson Pollock Echo: Number 25 Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe   Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup Pablo Picasso Girl Before a Mirror Pablo Picasso Les demoiselles d'Avignon and my sister making her own art with her face.:P Pablo Picasso Three Musicians Pablo Picasso Seated Bather I wish I could include all of Picasso's famous works, but I couldn't because there was a private collection. You can view it here

When Angy Falls in Love..

This is the long version of my intro for my future YouTube videos. I included deleted scenes. A special thanks to my camera man Mathew Monfort. The music for the deleted scenes was created by me. For more information about the painting in this video please visit Thanks for watching and please dont forget to subscribe!:O)

Paint With Me Video

In this video I will show you how to paint snow mountains with tracing paper. You can also get a chance to win a free mystery painting. I had a blast making this video. Enjoy!:O)