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Response to TAGGED - What Has Impacted My Life?

Giveaway prize from AcademyArtVenture

  I entered a contest on AcademyArtVenture's channel on YoutTube and to my surprise I ended up being one of the lucky winner's. I won a free painting (my choice) giveaway. Kyle painted my dog Sofi with Chicago buildings coming out of her harness and the Chicago cityscape. The painting was delivered right away free of charge. :O) He captured Sofi's personality perfectly, even though it was his first time painting a dog. The Chicago cityscape came out pretty cool too. I cant wait to put it up on my wall when I move to Chicago:O) Watch the making of Sofi in Chicago:O) Watch me opening my prize with my cute dog Sofi:O) Acrylic on Canvas by Kyle McGuigan