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Spectrum Student Art Exhibition

My works Freedom and Broken were chosen to be a part of  an art exhibition at the Chicago Art Department. This is my first group show since I moved from Tallahassee Florida. The best part of it all was that the opening reception was on my birthday. Here are some pictures from the show. :) My paintings Freedom and Broken:D I was having a little too much fun:P The text above is a description about the symbolism of my work by Mercedes Palomino. It is very well written and it is precise. I couldn't have written it better myself:D *Click on the image to view a larger size.   Here are braided loofas that my visual arts class and I put together. My professor Alberto Aguilar also added the photographs that were taken through out the semester. I thought it was a nice touch to the art pieces. This is one of the pictures that was included in the installation. It is a photograph that was taken during our visual performance on Lake Street. My classmates and I were tied

Center Stage Painting

This is a current painting that I am working on  called "Center Stage". It is inspired by Salvador Dali.  Someone told me that my work has surrealistic tendencies, so i decided to work with it.  This is the first progress pic of Center Stage. I painted over another painting called Lady in the Water that I was not found of. Either way I enjoy starting fresh because it gives me the opportunity to make an even better painting. It is also a great learning experience, so time is never wasted. I said my goodbyes to the painting and so I started with the dark blue sky and then slowly worked my way down. I then proceeded to paint the blue mountains. I am fascinated with cobalt blue for some reason. I use it in most of my paintings. This is when I painted the curtains and noticed the right curtain looked like a face. I worked with it and made it more prominent. I was originally going to have a women morphed into the curtains and reaching out to the mountains. But I decid