Friday, February 21, 2014

Potrait and Peacock Painting

 This painting was inspired by Emily Browning and Peacocks. The most fascinating part about this painting is the eyes. I have always been fascinated by painting or drawing eyes. It is ironic since I usually paint figures facing away in most of my oil paintings. I also tend to accentuate the eyes both consciously or unconsciously. Since the eyes are the gate way to the soul, I like to make them prominent. I believe this attribute shows innocence in someone’s character. The wider and larger they are the more innocence is present. Large open eyes show that the soul is open to experience life to the fullest.
  If you are a follower of my artwork you may have noticed that I include peacocks on my paintings as well. These lovely birds are also fascinating not only because of their beauty, but because they are a symbol of longevity. Long flowing hair is also prominent in my paintings. I believe it signifies health and youth. Overall I am very satisfied with the turnout of this painting, especially the way that the peacock’s feathers blend into the female’s hair.

Please make sure to watch the making of this painting below.


Monday, January 6, 2014

"Destination" Watercolor Painting

   It is so very brrrr cold outside. It is about -11 degrees outside, but it feels like -35. These cold temperatures have made me stay in for the past two days. During this cold period, I managed to make use of my time and make this lovely watercolor painting. It is inspired by a photo by Lucia Benetti. The bird silhouettes are my favorite part of this painting. I hope you like it.

 Please check out my video for this painting. This painting is also for sale at my Etsy store:

Monday, December 9, 2013

Lost Traditions: Peruvian ruins and Cotopaxi Mountain in Ecuador

It all started with three simple rules:

1. Choose something from a famous painting; it can be the composition, the color palette, the style, or the abstract meaning behind the painting....
2. Choose an object from your home
3. Choose a photograph

     My painting called "Lost Traditions" was inspired by "Christina's World" painted by Andrew Wyeth. I found this painting to be extremely fascinating, not only by Andrew's refined technical skill, but also by the meaning behind his work. Andrew was inspired to create "Christina's World" after viewing his neighbor dragging herself towards her home. Christina, Andrew's neighbor suffered from polio and as a result she was paralyzed from the waste down. The distortion in Christina's torso and the composition immediately grabbed my attention. This inspired me to use a similar composition. Instead of Christina's home I placed the Cotopaxi stratovolcano from Ecuador in the top right corner of my painting. I also replaced the barn for the sun and my made my painting vertical instead of horizontal.

The object that I chose for my painting was an item purchased in a city next to Machu Picchu, Peru. I placed this item on the bottom left corner. Instead of painting both bulls facing forward, I painted them facing in opposite directions in order to capture the distortion of Christina's torso.

This is the image that I used for "Lost Traditions". It depicts ruins in Peru. I incorporated the path and some of the rock walls.

   My original idea for this painting was to have water reflections meshing into the Cotopaxi stratovolcano, but my visions sounded and looked better in my mind. The perspective was not working for me. With this in mind, I looked outward and found a beautiful photo of the Peruvian ruins.


I used titanium white to cover the strong violet lines. Instead of the water, I painted beautiful stone walls surrounded by drying grass. I layered the grass with various colors using galkyde and several techniques. I especially used the sgraffito method for the grass.
The detail is much better in person;).

"Lost Traditions" oil painting on stretched canvas, 2013

This is the final piece. Although my original idea did not come through the final result, it is better than what I imagines it to be. This painting has been submitted to the 2014 Annual Student Art Show. It is a juried art show with prizes. Hopefully it is chosen:).