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From the Heart

From the Heart (2011) (16 x 20 inches: Original was painted on the back of a stretched canvas)      I call this piece From the Heart , simply because every stroke came from my pounding racing heart. I know that this style of painting is not my usual one, but at the time I was not thinking of anyone or anything, except calming my heart down. My veins were full of adrenaline and I finally used that energy into something positive. I try not to paint anything when I am having a panic attack, but I am very pleased with myself that I finally let loose and went with the flow. While creating this piece all I could think about was my heart, so that is what I began painting. After that I added the lines and the triangles. I then realized it looked like an abstract figure and so I continued to add the arms.  I am holding my heart nurturing it back to normal rhythm while I am ready to start running from the terrifying fear of panic.     Every curve and every lin

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side

During one of my visits to New York, I captured an interesting moment of my little brother running towards a duck spring rider. He was playing on the swings and then spotted a shinny duck that was on the other side of the play ground. I thought it was an interesting moment because that reminded me about my own life and how I do the same thing. I always want what I don't have. For example, when I am in Florida I want to go to New York and when I am in New York I want to go back to Florida. It always feels like I will be better there than where I am. I feel like my anxiety will get better there. But in reality its still going to be there no matter where I go and where I am.  I need to accept that my grass is bright green where I am now and not always on the other side The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Sidw (2011) (12 x 16 inches: Acrylic on Stretched Canvas) Click Here to Purchase Prints   Click Here to Purchase Original

It's Never Too Late To Follow Your Dreams

Contemplation (2011) (24 x 24 inches: Oil on Stretched Canvas)             I finally completed my self portrait for my portfolio for Pratt and SAIC.  If you do not already know I applied to art schools for the fall semester of this year. The schools that I applied to are The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Pratt Institute, and Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I am finally ready to put my goals and dreams into place. I have been waiting for far too long and now it’s my time to succeed.          This self portrait is proof that I can succeed in the art world. I put hours and hours of dedication towards this oil painting by teaching myself how to paint with oils and learning about certain techniques that are involved. Although I believe drawing and acrylic painting are no sweat, oil painting is more complex. Let me tell you, it was not easy, but I managed to overcome the obstacles that came while going through the learning experience. I taught myself