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'PEEKABOO ', 12 x 16, OIL ON CANVAS  It's Mother's day today. I have a spirited boy that is 28 months. It has been an incredible journey with many ups and downs. The artwork above was inspired from a photograph taken in front of our place in Arlington, MA almost a year ago. My boy is playfully hiding behind a birch tree holding a stone. He is also holding himself up because he is wearing a cast that runs from his upper thigh all the way to his toes.  He fractured his tibia bone at a wooden playground. The moment in the photo made me realize how resilient children are. They could adapt very quickly with obstacles. Although he was fine, I was managing feelings of guilt from the accident and worry about his development. Despite having a full cast on his left leg, he still played like any other joyful boy. Fast forward to today, he runs, jumps, kicks, and rolls. I am proud to be his mama.  Below are the progress pictures of the painting above. I started formin