Exhibition @ Renditions, An Art Space

Hey its me with a huge smile right before I went to the art gallery.

                                    That smile was stuck on my face for the rest of the night. 

    I left with Mat at around 5:45PM, so we got there at the perfect time. There was plenty of parking! Usually it takes a year to park. I walked into Renditions and saw all the art work and I was amazed. There was so many artists with all kinds of styles. My work was also hung up perfectly on the wall. My special painting that is dedicated to my boyfriends grandfather Angel Menendez was placed on my easel for better viewing. Watching everyone's reactions to the paintings was loads of fun, especially my painting Drowning in the Storm. A lot of people stopped and stared with amazement and had many things to say about that painting. 
While looking at others work, I saw a few paintings that looked familiar. Its a small work after all, its a small world after all!!! Its a small, small, world!! It turns out that the familiar paintings were created by Abril Andrade Griffith, an artist that I am inspired by and that I just recently purchased a print from. How weird is that. What a coincidence, it really is a small world! 
 We stayed for a while and enjoyed the art and GOODIES that were for sale. I love baked goods, especially when they are being sold for a good cause. That makes the extra calories worth it! Local bands were there also and we enjoyed the show while cooling off with a cold beer. It sure was hot! 
We left around 9PM when our bellies were grumbling from hunger. We ended up going to an Italian restaurant.Yum! I ordered my favorite, chicken parm. We sat right next to a water fountain, it was so romantic. Overall the entire day was awesome. I feel super blessed!:O) 
Enjoy some pics from the show!:O)

Do you recognize my paintings?

I love this painting! RIP Grandpapi!

Rubber duckies for $1.00!! I want one!
I got a mermaid rubber ducky! I love mermaids.:O)
Who the hell are you and why are you taking a picture of me??:P



Ned Stacey said…
We enjoy having your work on display in the gallery. Hopefully you will get the chance to show more in the future.
Ned Stacey
Renditions, An Art Space