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"Distant Dreams"

Hello people of the world,  I want to share my latest work with you. This painting is called "Distant Dreams". This work is a bit different from my other works. I decided to combine pencil and watercolor in the same piece. I believe they complement each other very well.  This painting is inspired by an eighteen year old photographer named Greta Tuckute, hair and make-up/stylist Margrethe Yasmin Kristiansen , and the beautiful model named Nanna Breinbjerg. Click Here to See the Photograph. Here is what it looks like when mounted on the wall. I am attached to this painting for some reason, so the original will stay on my wall. However limited edition giclee prints are now available through my store at this link if you are interested You may also watch me create this painting below or on my YouTube channel Thank you for viewing. You may also leave me a comme

"The Beauty Within" What is true beauty?

    I am excited to show you the progress pictures of my latest original oil painting called "The Beauty Within".    This painting was inspired after a long talk with a close friend. We spoke about the internal beauty and what makes a person beautiful. Lets start by defining beautiful. To most people beautiful may signify qualities that enchant the senses.  This implies that beauty is physical by nature. On the contrary, I came to the conclusion that beauty is about the qualities that one posses within. Beauty is not defined in a person's physical qualities, but instead true beauty lies within the self. For example if someone is physically attractive, but is dishonest, disrespectful, and has a bad temper, that person will no longer look as attractive. However if a person is loyal, true to them selves, and patient, that persons beauty will shine.     My painting below is a symbol of inner beauty. The figure in the painting is pale with no facial expression. Almost as if