"The Beauty Within" What is true beauty?

    I am excited to show you the progress pictures of my latest original oil painting called "The Beauty Within".
   This painting was inspired after a long talk with a close friend. We spoke about the internal beauty and what makes a person beautiful. Lets start by defining beautiful. To most people beautiful may signify qualities that enchant the senses.  This implies that beauty is physical by nature. On the contrary, I came to the conclusion that beauty is about the qualities that one posses within. Beauty is not defined in a person's physical qualities, but instead true beauty lies within the self. For example if someone is physically attractive, but is dishonest, disrespectful, and has a bad temper, that person will no longer look as attractive. However if a person is loyal, true to them selves, and patient, that persons beauty will shine.
    My painting below is a symbol of inner beauty. The figure in the painting is pale with no facial expression. Almost as if the figure has flat effect. This is an affirmation that the beauty is not external. By not adding hue to the figures face helps reveal that our body is only a shell;similar to a manikin. There is also a peacock in this painting which is worldly recognized as a symbol of beauty. The figure in the painting holds the symbol of beauty close to the chest and heart. The figures hand is positioned at the center where the heart resides. I hope that through this painting you may know the true meaning of beauty.

This is the beginning stage of my painting. I started with a pencil sketch and then proceeded painting the eyes. I always begin a portrait with the eyes and then work may way to the eyebrows and then the nose. I then worked on the lips.

At this point I got stuck. I did not feel the painting. The most difficult part was peacocks feathers and the figures shall.

I did not give up. I still worked with it.

This is when I took a long break.

I managed to get inspired again and did not stop until I felt that it was complete.

At this stage I am truly satisfied with what I have accomplished. It took several months to complete, but I it was worth it.
It is difficult to photograph the true colors, but this will due.

 If you are in Chicago you may view this painting along with my other works at Urban Brain and Body located at

 2551 North Clark Street
Suite 800
Chicago, IL 60614

Thank you for viewing.