Spectrum Student Art Exhibition

My works Freedom and Broken were chosen to be a part of  an art exhibition at the Chicago Art Department. This is my first group show since I moved from Tallahassee Florida. The best part of it all was that the opening reception was on my birthday. Here are some pictures from the show. :)
My paintings Freedom and Broken:D
I was having a little too much fun:P
The text above is a description about the symbolism of my work by Mercedes Palomino. It is very well written and it is precise. I couldn't have written it better myself:D
*Click on the image to view a larger size.
Here are braided loofas that my visual arts class and I put together. My professor Alberto Aguilar also added the photographs that were taken through out the semester. I thought it was a nice touch to the art pieces.

This is one of the pictures that was included in the installation. It is a photograph that was taken during our visual performance on Lake Street. My classmates and I were tied up to each other with the braided loofas while crossing the street on our way back to Harold Washington College. I really like how we are all looking to the left at the same precise moment. It shows how connected we really were.
. This is another photograph that was included in the installation. This was taken by Alberto Aguilar at the Art Institute of Chicago. Our class had to find an art piece that we felt connected to. This is the piece I chose.

Here are the wooden boards that my class painted, remnants of our creative work, and our funny face video clips of each of us.  My painting is the one with the violet circular shapes.
Close up of the wooden boards.

Below are the pieces that I liked at the show.
Ximena Martinez "Una Luz", Scratch board
Luise Morales "Ecstasy" Silver Gelatin Print 11" x 14"
Joseph Mora "Bang" and "Rocko" Mixed Media 20" x 16"
After leaving the gallery I found an installation of trees. It really looks like the trees are growing inside. What is funny is that this place is up for rent. It is a great way to get people's attention.:P

I hope you enjoyed viewing the art exhibition. :)