The Reproduction Painting of Campesino Cargando un Guajolote by Diego Rivera

~Original Painting~

  I was given the challenge to recreate a painting by Diego Rivera (Just in case you dont know who he is; Diego Rivera was a Mexican painter and Frida Kahlo's husband). It was a challenge because it was my first time reproducing someone elses work. The thought of mixing the paint to get the right shade of colors from the original seemed difficult. I only had the primary colors and basic acrylic paints to work with.
As the painting progressed, i found that reproducing someone's art was no longer challenging, it was very enjoyable. Once I started mixing the colors together It came natural to me and I managed to get the colors that I wanted.

Here are the progressive stages that I followed. 

 I started with a light pencil sketch on the canvas. After that I  added a light blue layer of paint on the entire surface. When the first layer of paint dried, I painted from the top of the canvas  beginning with the sky, followed by the mountain, grass, and trees.

With landscapes I find that painting the background and working your way towards the foreground works best.

The final stage to the painting was adding extra detail. I added more shadows to the hat, the mans pants and the turkey.
Although my painting is not an exact replica of the original, I am satisfied with the end result.

I hope you enjoyed viewing the stages of my painting.:O)
Please feel free to comment on my work.