Blue-throated Macaw

Blue-Throated Macaw” 9″x12″ Watercolor Painting by Andrea Realpe

 The Blue-throated Macaws are Critically Endangered according to BirdLife. Popolation size is about 400 in the wild. Threats to these beautiful birds include illegal pet trade and loss of habitat. They are considered the rarest species of macaw in the world. They are located in Bolivia and Trinidad. Macaws are often called barba azul in Spanish, meaning “blue beard,” because of the vibrant blue covering their throats.

Thankfully there are conservation organizations such as Association Armoniato to preserve the habitat in Bolivia which not only protects the blue-throated macaw, but also neighboring species like jaguars, pumas and maned wolves.

This painting is a tribute to the blue-throated macaw.

I will be submitting the original painting of the blue-throated macaw to the Sketch For Survival fundraiser art competition set up by @explorersagainstextinction

Explorers Against Extinction is a wildlife conservation trust whose primary aim is to raise awareness about the threats facing wildlife and their habitats and raising funds to help protect them
All artwork submitted to the SFS fundraiser is to be auctioned off with the money raised going towards the various nominated Explorers Against Extinction conservation projects. It’s a wonderful opportinity so I hope this painting will be selected to be exibited in a London gallery to raise funds for conservation. Only 100 artworks are selected. If it is not selected, a tree will be planted for every sungle submission.

We can also do our part at home by using sustainably-sourced paper products since the main threat facing blue-throated macas are habital loss. Learn more at Association Armonia’s website.

A portion of proceeds are donated to conservation organizations and Non Profit organizations every year; Association Armonia, Global Conservation Force, Amy’s Art Cart program at Children’s Hospital,..