Center Stage Painting Update

For the past month I have been dedicated to finishing up the semester and working on my watercolor paintings, but now that I am finally done with class I have more time to focus on my oil paintings. During the semester I have also been working on getting over my fear of formal public speaking and so I developed a painting named "Center Stage". I truly went out of my way to diminish this fear. I went out to a karaoke bar and sang "You Give Love a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi, participated in a runway fashion show, and chose to present my final project.
A quote that has motivated me to push through these fear is “do one thing everyday that scares you”  by Eleanor Roosevelt.

This quote is special to me because I try to live by it almost every day. For most of my life I have been afraid of a lot of things, so by exposing myself to all the fears and getting out of my comfort zone I know that with time my fears will subside.

Center Stage is a symbol for overcoming the fears. The work below are progress pictures, I am still working on this painting. I also plan to make a video that will include some clips from the fashion show that I participated in and also the painting process. I hope you like this update. I plan on updating more soon, so stay tuned:)

I added the mountain bluebird and the microphone. I hope to add something on the curtains and then make the video. :)

close up of "Center Stage"

close up of "Center Stage"
Go to this link to view the first stages of this painting


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