The Red Tree Contest Winners

The Red Tree contest was a great success. Thank you to all the participants in the contest for submitting your amazing work. Congratulations to all the winner's! Click here for the contest

Walk With

First Place Winner ~ Brenda Owen

  Gorgeous Painting Brenda. I can get lost in this!

As Lovely...

Second Place Winner ~Michael Durst

    Your work is fantastic Michael! 
  I really like the texture in your paintings. 

Safely Abiding

Third Place Winner ~ Meaghan Troup 

    Your usuage of color and composition are amazing Meaghan!

Works by other artists in the contest.

Autumn Sings
 By Rachel Bingaman

 I really enjoed viewing your work as well. I love your tree paintings!

Life To Give
 By Rachel Bingaman

Thank you for your submission Rachel!  

The Midnight Hour

 By Shawna Erback

Your red tree is very beautiful Shawna! Thanks for posting your artwork!

 I really enjoyed this contests and featuring all the amazing artists! Thank you for bringing me peace and serenity with your lovely red trees.

*To all other participants you are all winners with great talent.
Other leading finishers, Carol Wisniewski, Tap On Photo, and John D Mabry