Letting Go

   I had the image of this painting in my mind for quite a while and I finally decided to paint it on a canvas.
    The inspiration for this painting comes from my emotions. I allowed my mind to travel to a beautiful place where I can feel peace with no worries and no fear.

    The girl sitting on the green sheet is in a meditation position surrounded by nature and its beauty. With her arm extended to the blue sky she feels at peace with herself while she is finally letting go of the harm that was consuming her life. The six balloons that are being consumed by the cloud are her worries. The cloud is becoming darker with every worry that the girl lets go of. The six balloons in this painting were chosen because of a tradition in Guatemala. The tradition is to give someone tiny worry dolls if they can’t sleep. In order for the worry to pass the person that cant sleep must tell the doll their worries, so that the doll will worry instead. Six worry dolls are sold together. It’s supposed to have beneficial psychological effects on that person. The lotus flowers and a path are also present in this painting; they represent new beginnings.
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