Where are all the people?

Me, wondering where everyone is.

On Saturday, February 13, I was invited to an event at Railroad Square Art Park by my friend Erin. The event was called ARTi*GRAS. It was an event that celebrated mardi gra. The event also benefited the Red Cross and sufferers from the massive earthquake in Haiti. The event was filled with food, musical performances, and a parade. The only thing that was missing was the guests. Erin and I rented a space to sell and promote our art. We baked cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and a big chocolate glazed cake for our guests. We also had a big jar that was labeled donations. The event lasted from 11AM until 10PM. But, we were only there from 9AM until 4PM. We thought that we would make back the money that we spent on renting the space and money spent for the baked goods. We ended up giving the goodies away to our friend Josh.
We made $6 in total from the donations jar. We only made $3 each, and we were out there in the brrr cold all day. We were disappointed that we didnt sell any art.
On a more positive note, I was very pleased that my art got exposure to the community artists. I also got offered some wall space at several galleries and a cafe place. I am also happy that the money that we spent went to a good cause and the baked goods went to some happy bellies.
So, where were all the people? I think they were all home having some hot tea trying to stay warm.

Thats me! :)

There is more where that came from. ;)

Live music in front of us.


Erin got tired of waiting for the people and took a nap. Ha ha ha.:P

Tree branches.

The cool mobile

Cute puppy for sale, too bad he was worth $400. :O