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Potrait and Peacock Painting

 This painting was inspired by Emily Browning and Peacocks. The most fascinating part about this painting is the eyes. I have always been fascinated by painting or drawing eyes. It is ironic since I usually paint figures facing away in most of my oil paintings. I also tend to accentuate the eyes both consciously or unconsciously. Since the eyes are the gate way to the soul, I like to make them prominent. I believe this attribute shows innocence in someone’s character. The wider and larger they are the more innocence is present. Large open eyes show that the soul is open to experience life to the fullest.   If you are a follower of my artwork you may have noticed that I include peacocks on my paintings as well. These lovely birds are also fascinating not only because of their beauty, but because they are a symbol of longevity. Long flowing hair is also prominent in my paintings. I believe it signifies health and youth. Overall I am very satisfied with the turnout of this painting, e