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Storms Replenish

During quarantine, I plunged myself into my work. I spent countless hours teaching myself to be a better painter which diverted me from the chaos and uncertainty during Covid . Being able to turn to my work in times of hardships brought me into a place of stillness and tranquility.      I went back to good ol YouTube. The video tutorials helped me grasp painting fundamentals when I first started. Following inspiring artists also fostered my love for art. Among these artists are: Lena Danya ,  Val from Vals Art Diary ,  Tim Gagnon  and   Andrew Tischler . Y ears later, I received a degree in Studio Art and although I gained vital art skills, I needed more. If anything, the more knowledge a person gains, the more you realize that there is so much that you don't know.      During quarantine I dug deeper into the art world. I studied inspiring artists such as Swedish painter, Anders Zorn. He used a restricted color palette which allowed him to capture form and light with care free br