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First day of Autumn

When Autumn Falls, Acrylic on Stretched Canvas Happy first day of autumn! Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. - Albert Camus

Portrait Commission

I received a special commission from a dear friend that I could not turn down. My friend asked that I paint a portrait for her partner in memory of his grandfather. My art career began with portrait pencil drawings of families, children, and individual people but it has been a long time since I accepted a portraiture commission so I was hesitant at first. Plus trying to capture someone’s face with paint is always a challenge. However, taking on this project has made me grow as a painter and has made me fall in love with painting the human face all over again.  Working on this painting made me develop a technique  that I have never used before. In the past, I would always start with the eyes and work my way outwards when it came to a portrait painting. This technique took a vast amount of time. For this painting I found a quicker way to paint the human face. I blocked in the larger shapes and then proceeded to paint the smaller details at the end. I saw the face as shapes