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Taylor Swift Contest Winners - April 2010

   The Taylor Swift contest was a great success. Thank you to all the participants in the contest for submitting your amazing work. Congratulations to all the winner's.         LOVE STORY First Place Winner~Kendra Tharaldsen-Franklin Kendra made this drawing specifically for the contest and is a huge fan of Taylor Swift.     TAYLOR SWIFT Second place winner~me      TAYLOR SWIFT Third Place Winner~Murphy Elliott Beautiful portrait! *To all other participants you are all winners with great talent. Other top finishers, Jan Giilmore, Jose Valeriano, Emily Michaud, and Brian Degnon ~~~~GREAT JOB EVERYBODY~~~~    Contest info,

Hidden Dragon Tattoo

   I got commissioned to do a tattoo drawing for someone that admired my work. My first reaction was I have never done this before. I don't know what I am doing and I don't want to disappoint my client. I was hesitant in the beginning, but then the idea of getting my work inked on someone for a lifetime completely changed my decision.    My client asked for Kanji characters, which are the Chinese characters written in modern Japanese writing system. He wanted the drawing to be Japanese style with a cherry blossom tree. He pretty much left it open and free to do what ever I wanted. He told me that he wanted to see what my creative juices will come up with. This is what I came up with, To view more art click on the link *This artwork may not be reproduced or used in any shape or form without written permission from the artist.   Hidden Dragon Tattoo Copyright 2013 - Andrea Realpe - All Rights Reserved Email Andrea:

Contest - Taylor Swift, on

I am the contest administrator for Taylor Swift Contest, on My pencil portrait of Taylor Swift inspired me to start this contest for other artists. Here are my rules, post your best work of Taylor Swift. Examples, pencil portrait, painting, digital photograph, and the list goes on. Here is the link to vote for Taylor Swift Contest, First, second, and third place winners will be featured on ~~For the Love of Art~~.

Artist for the Month of April, Lucrezia Bieler

  Lucrezia Bieler  Lucrezia Bieler is a Swiss papercutting artist with a diploma in Scientific Illustration (with honors). She is  best known for her amazing scherenschnitte. Scherenschnitte is the art of papercutting design. Her famouse work include, Evil bunnies are tempting me with their fluffy fur, Rattle Race, Mermaids Yin and Yang, Mermaid, I have a million nightingales on the branches of my heart singing freedom, and much more. She won several awards,“Best of Show” and “Award of Excellence” at the CraftArt Festival in St. Petersburg and has exhibited at more than 40 shows this decade, including three at the Smithsonian. Among her papercutting skills Lucrezia also works with different media, such as watercolor, and acrylic/oil. Her main focus is fairly tales, nature scenes, portraits, and scenes from daily life.   She shows her dedication by having care and patience with cutting lines that are no thicker than thread-width. She also only uses one piece of pa

Annual Student Art Exhibit Pics

  That is me with my famous Hungry Panda.     Under the Sea Joey Williamson created his version of The Legend of Zelda. He did a creative pen and ink piece for Illustration class.   Erin Carter's photograph of herself. She did a wonderful job in combining several pictures and making them into one.

The Annual Student Art Exhibit

   My art teachers chose me to be a part of the annual student art exhibit. I will display Hungry Panda for illustration class and Under the Sea for Drawing 2. I chose to display Hungry Panda because, I feel that I made it my own instead of copying a picture. I included a few photos and put it together.  Under the sea is a series of three drawings that I did in class with two other class mates. The first drawing is an ink drawing of the ocean's surface. My ink drawing is the second one and it is a drawing of a trench with sea creatures. The final ink drawing is the bottom of the trench with sea creatures.   I am super excited!