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My visit to Hilligoss Galleries

The entrance of Michigan Ave. Hilligoss Galleries         I recently visited Hilligoss Galleries located in Chicago IL. They have two different locations, one in Long Grove and the other one is over on Michigan Ave. I went to the gallery on Michigan Ave. I honestly have to say that this is by far the best gallery that I have been to. They have a large collection of paintings, sculptures, and jewelry. They mainly focus on paintings. The gallery currently has paintings by local artists and international artists; this includes Michael Gerry, Rasa Kluonius , Martin Eichinger , Nikolai Blokhin , and many more.  Title: Petunia Cascade #882 Artist: Michael Gerry Dimensions: 60 x 36 in    As soon as the elevator opened to the gallery I was captured by this large image of what looked like a photograph of petunias. When I looked closer I notices the brush strokes and the image turned out be a  realistic painting. I was amazed by how Michael Gerry captured the exact essence of t