Artist for the Month of July, Abril Andrade Griffith

Abril Andrade Griffith

Abril Andrade Griffith is a Mexican Artist who brings you into her fantasy world with her whimsical landscapes, skeleton day of the dead and surreal creatures with huge eyes. She is an internationally well known artist. Her work can be seen in tattoo shops, galleries, and private collections around the world. She was also published in major magazines. Her inspiration comes from daily experiences, story books, and working with different artists and techniques. She is also inspired by her husband Matt Griffith who is also an artist.
I find her work very interesting because it is very unique and playful. She allows you to dream and think of a place beyond our word where creatures with enormous eyes exist. 

Abril's care and skill for each piece that she creates makes her artist for the month of July.

If you would like more information about this month’s artist, she can be reached at,

"Together As One"
"Sweet Dreams"


"Flying With the Moon"


I recently purchased a print of Love Keeper from Abril and I was blown away. She puts a lot of detail into her work and the color transition is so smooth. The quality of the print is very professional. 

She was also very nice to include small prints of her other work. 
Its a small world!! Abril's painting of "Siesta" is right behind me. We had our work up in the same gallery.  It's crazy how small the world really is. 



Abril Andrade said…
Thank you for posting about my work, So happy you like your prints and the freebies !