One With Nature

This painting is very meaningful to me in many ways. Sometimes we forget about how beautiful nature is because of many distractions that we have in our lives today. I painted the tree and the nest with real wood. The young girls hair also has some wood pieces. The girl is rediscovering nature and she becomes one with nature. Her hair is becoming the mountains, grass, lavender, tree, the sky, and her hands are becoming the birds nest. She is sitting on the earth and melting into it. The bird is resting on her knee to show the trust that she has in the girl by allowing her to hold her nest. She has never felt so close to nature before. She is finally One With Nature.
Light Sketch:O)
I started the painting from the top .

One With Nature (2011)
(16 x 20 inches: Oil On Stretched Canvas)

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The painting will be in an exhibit at Renditions in Tallahassee from July 1 until July 17.and will be mailed out after. Come see the painting on First Friday July 1st and other paintings as well. For directions please check out this website