My First Business Sign

 On my long trip to visit my family in New York, I was given a business deal to paint a sign for a Mexican Restaurant. Since it was my first time I did not know what to expect, but I was willing to take on another challenge. I was ready to learn and make some bucks! 

Below are all the questions that I had for the owner and his answers.

1. What do you want me to paint?

This is a clay carving of the sun and the moon that is hung inside the restaurant.

The owner wanted this painted with a black background. The main purpose for this sign is to grab the attention from customers driving by.

2. Where do you want me to paint the sign?

Answer: Right below the restaurant sign on two hardwood boards, covering the white panel.

2. What size do you want the board? 

Answer: two 8ft x 3 1/2 feet (I thought to myself COWs THATS HUGE!)

I had to paint two different boards, one board for traffic going north and the other going south.

Okay bring it on.

I had to include this lovely picture. It was taken after a rain storm outside of The Home Depot and Michaels. It even hailed balls the size of golf balls :O

These are the supplies for the start of the project.
A white primer, a paint roller, and tray.

I started painting the first board with the white primer and then moved onto the next board.

By this time my right arm was ready to fall off, but I had to add a second coat once the boards dried. I stayed up pretty late waiting for the primer to dry.

Here is the black paint for the background. Yay!

Board one complete.

Board two complete. I did all this in one night.

Where is the middle of the board? There it is. I took two different long strings and put each at the opposite ends and found the center. That was pretty easy.:O)

Once I found the center, I made a circle using a man made protractor with string and a pencil. 
I used white chalk to make the outline of the painting. 

This part was a pain in my booty. Since I painted the background black I had to add white inside the outline.  I added many coats of white to cover the black. This part took forever because I had to wait for the coats to dry before I painted another coat on top. I also had to paint the flames with a small brush over and over.. But it was worth it because the colors came out vibrant when i finished.

Here is board number 1 complete! Instead of completely copying the clay carving, I made the sun a lot happier and brighter. This is the female version.

Up close and

Here is the second board and is the male version. I followed the same steps for this painting.

I finished this project in four days. The restaurant owner was supposed to pick up the painting the day before I went back to Florida, but he never showed up:(
My family ended up bringing the sign to them.It stinks when you dont get to see the customers reaction, but in the end everything worked out. 

This was a big learning experience and I had a blast creating the signs. 

Hopefully I can upload a picture of the signs once they are up.

Thanks for viewing.:O)