From the Heart

From the Heart (2011)
(16 x 20 inches: Original was painted on the back of a stretched canvas)
   I call this piece From the Heart, simply because every stroke came from my pounding racing heart. I know that this style of painting is not my usual one, but at the time I was not thinking of anyone or anything, except calming my heart down. My veins were full of adrenaline and I finally used that energy into something positive. I try not to paint anything when I am having a panic attack, but I am very pleased with myself that I finally let loose and went with the flow. While creating this piece all I could think about was my heart, so that is what I began painting. After that I added the lines and the triangles. I then realized it looked like an abstract figure and so I continued to add the arms.  I am holding my heart nurturing it back to normal rhythm while I am ready to start running from the terrifying fear of panic.
    Every curve and every line was instinctual and I did not go against any impulse. That is what I have been missing from most of my paintings. I have been painting to please others and not myself

After I completed this painting my heart was back to its normal beat. :o)