Give the Gift of Giving

A "slide" at a school in Ecuador.

  This holiday season I am selling Sweet Daisy and White Crane. I will donate the entire cost to a non profit organization. The non profit organization is called Project Ecuador. Project Ecuador is a charitable organization established to help underprivileged children and underdeveloped schools in Ecuador, Argentina, Guatemala and other countries in central and South America.
 Please give the gift of giving by giving a child the opportunity to succeed in life.  Not only will you invest in a good cause, but you also get a piece of art by Andrea Realpe. Thank you and have a great holiday season.

A daisy is a symbol of innocence, youth, gentleness, purity, loyal, love, beauty, patience and simplicity.

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 The crane is associated with good luck, longevity, happiness and health. His long wings are open to show his state of happiness.

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