Panda Contest Winners - July 2010

~Congratulations to all the winner's. ~

Great Panda II

First Place Winner ~ Keith Lovejoy
Great job Keith!  Two wins in one contest. Now that is impressive.
Great Panda

Second Place Winner ~ Keith Lovejoy
Beautiful Digital Photograph!

Morning Snack

Third Place Winner ~ Sheryl Unwin
The panda is sure making me hungry. This piece came out beautiful. 
Prisma colored pencils make a a wonderful piece of art

Panda Date

~Susan A Becker
I had to give credit to Susan because this oil painting really caught my eye. The colors are fantastic and blended together in a playful way. You got my vote.

All other participants thank you for submitting your amazing work. Panda's are really cute and you all brought that out in many different ways. 

Other participants, Mary Rogers, Jody Lovejoy, George Jones, Nick Gustafsun, Scarlett Royal,
Cory Solomon, Dy Witt, Judy Newcomb and Gene Smith.

~Great work Everybody~