Steps to "Hungry Panda"

Amazing photograph by Ucumari. I chose this photo because not only do i love pandas but i also love the detail of this picture. I later found out that this photo was photoshopped. I had no
This is the original,
Detail and contrast make a great pencil portrait.

I made a collage out of the photoshopped photograph and added the koi fish and bamboo.

I used graphite pencils on 11x14 bristol board (utrecht).
Ebony pencil is amazing! i also used a mechanical pencil for the details.
This is the grid for the final drawing. I used an HB pencil for the grid lines. I had to redo this part because i made them to dark the first time and i couldnt erase the grid lol. I learned my lesson for the next drawing, draw the grid lightly and dont press hard with the pencil. After i drew the grid, I started with the top left corner and lightly sketched the drawing. Then the fun begins with all the shading and detail.

My finished work. It took about nine hours, but i like the end result. :O)
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Anonymous said…
Excellent Job!! Are you going to be selling this piece
A Realpe said…
Thank you for your comment. I will be selling prints on